Take the Fright Out of Home Inspections


You've found the perfect home and now are considering a home inspection.  It's important to understand that all homes should have an inspection.  However, it is ultimately up to the Buyer to conduct these inspections.

There are many myths regarding inspections.  No two inspectors nor firms are alike.  Couple that with human error and an inspection is a sound investment and is one of several contract contingencies.

There have been Buyers who think an Appraiser will serve as Inspector, that homes of newer age have no issues or they are financially tight and therefore are considering a waiver of inspections.

Having nearly two decades of experience, we've seen more than our share and we still may find something even rarer to pop up.  Typically, an inspection ranges from $350-550 and termite inspections $50-100.  In comparison to your investment of tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands, Knowledge is Power!

If you have items of concern, you may negotiate repairs, request a Seller credit, possibly escrow items, or obtain a rehab loan and in even smaller cases request a release of contract.

Your real estate professional should be able to shed light on the inspection process for you.  By reviewing the inspection and any deficiencies, he/she can counsel you on the next steps.

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