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Time to Sell?

TIME TO SELL? TIME TO SELL? There is not an exact science as to when it is a good time to sell a home.  There are a lot of circumstances that will come into play.  Are you looking to move up? Move down? Relocate? Build New?  Invest and build a portfolio (where you rehab or […]

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Staging Your Home

STAGING YOUR HOME STAGING YOUR HOME Staging has become very trendy in recent years.  Just about any hit show on HGTV shows you the home repair transformation, followed by strategic staging and then the ultimate sale of the home. There are really two types of staging.  The one that we described here is when you […]

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Pricing Strategy

PRICING STRATEGY PRICING STRATEGY This has always been a rather sensitive topic of discussion.  The definition is the best response “is that is the price that a reasonable, able buyer will pay for a property”. This does not mean that recent housing statistics, condition, age and other factors are not used to come up with […]

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