Staging Your Home



Staging has become very trendy in recent years.  Just about any hit show on HGTV shows you the home repair transformation, followed by strategic staging and then the ultimate sale of the home.

There are really two types of staging.  The one that we described here is when you have a blank slate and you need to help potential buyers visualize a space.  An example can be a smaller bedroom that is set up as a home office, nursery or what buyer does not need a massive walk in closet?   It is important to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye with colors and textures that inspire a Buyer to offer.

The other type is when you have a home filled with your personal touches, pops of color, mementos of all of your fond memories, etc.  There is nothing wrong with living in your home that is often the argument.  However, if it is too cluttered or personal, you have completely loss the imagination of the potential Buyer.  The clutter takes the focus off the house and the overage of personal items and touches may have them unable to see their own things in the same space.

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