New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution

What is a New Year’s Resolution?  It has been defined as a double edge sword.  It is practiced by millions and is the time to change an undesired behavior such as quitting smoking or dropping unwanted pounds.  The positive side is to accomplish a goal or improve one’s way of life.  Hence using the previous example, one should be able to accomplish both through execution of the desired task.

Regarding real estate, many are homeowners, others desire to be homeowners and fewer still feel they may never realize the American dream.  Homeownership is the greatest title; achievement and I believe is attainable to more individuals than one may think.  It takes planning for the desired outcome.

Beginning with credit and understanding how to preserve it, our clients have realized their dream.  If credit repair is needed, we have preferred vendors who can offer these services.  Our affiliations with housing organizations can help to educate them on what to expect once you are a homeowner.  You have mortgage, taxes and insurance but also utilities and monies for repairs to preserve your new asset.  

Next you should meet with a Lender to see your buying power and obtain a preapproval letter.  There are many programs available that if one qualifies could help to offset the cost of closing & prepaid expenses.  There are also VA loans for those who qualify that offer 100% financing and is so underutilized.  Another 100% program is in the form of USDA or Rural Housing Loans for qualified properties.

There are more variations of programs than we can share here but aligning yourself with a lender who has a wide array of programs will be beneficial to you.

Our real estate team rounds out the professionals by offering you counseling and direction throughout the process.  You also will meet inspectors, title companies, home warranty companies and others.  

The best way to achieve your goal is know that you are not alone in the process.  You have assembled your go to team and we are at the ready.  We are your biggest fans and will cheer you to the finish.  There may be some delay of games due to circumstances outside of our control but in the end, we are all in it to win it for you!  Call us to get started 859-354-4450 TODAY!

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