Military Families – We Thank You

Military Families We Thank You

Military Families - We Thank You

We recently had a long Memorial Day weekend.  This holiday means different things for different walks of life.

For our Veterans it is a day to reflect on time served, brothers and sisters lost and returning home somehow changed.  Not a stigma but a badge of honor for most with highest price was paid.

Still our Veterans who returned to a different place in most cases from which they left.  We thank you for your service and unwavering strength.

Our family lost an Uncle in Vietnam and countless other battles.  We remember and shall never forget.  I like to think I inherited his smile and tenacity.  Wherever you are despite the barbecues and fun times by the pool, pause, say thank you and remember a part of them is in each of us to not provide a hand out but a hand up for our fellow citizens.

Land of the Free because of the Brave!

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