Little Nuts Extremely Harmful



Photo by Mira Bozhko

We are all a little nuts but did you know that they could be extremely harmful.  As Kroger recalls pies, it makes us reflect on what we use daily.  As a person without a nut allergy, I would never consider the harmful effects of exposure.

However, I do know that exposure to one house years ago that I had a reaction that made me think that I was having a stroke.  I began to swell, my throat to close and one side of my face began to sag.  I scared my family and was immediately rushed to ER.  The cause was never known but it was from a house that contained high levels of black mold.  I was fortunate to be treated and released.  I was lucky.

As I have a family member with extreme allergies to nut exposure, it makes you think twice.  Even exposure to the dust particles that come from opening a bag of shelled nuts or foods that contain or were manufactured in the area of nuts can be deadly.

If you are unsure of whether you or a loved one are allergic, consider getting tested.  The continued knowledge of everyone, could really save a life.  Visit this page to learn more about Kroger's Pie Recall.

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