Homeownership Matters



Photo by Scott Webb

As a homeowner there are a lot of things to consider with your new purchase.  Movers, appliances, paint colors, furniture placement, utility bills, upkeep of interior and exterior to include lawn care, etc.

However, one of the items that we sometimes fail to consider is what happens behind the scenes.  Taxation for instance, how will that affect your future payments and your escrow account.  Mortgage Interest Deductions are placed on tax returns to help offset some of your tax obligation but what if it went away?  The Brent Spence Bridge is a thoroughfare daily for travelers traveling along I 75 and it is in need of repairs and/or replacement - how will it be funded and when will it get done?

These and other concerns are voiced to our legislators through the REALTOR® Party.  The Party is neither Republican nor Democratic but is made up of voices to ultimately protect property rights as well the issues that affect you the consumer.  It is powerful and important.  Recently I attended the Boone County Fiscal Court meeting as well as took a trip to Frankfort with approx 40 people from our region to discuss these matters.  The great thing, we were heard and look forward to our concerns continuing up the chain to make an impactful difference.  One voice can make a difference, so consider visiting your local, city and county meetings to find out what is happening and have your voice be heard.  #HomeownershipMatters

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