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Searching for your new home can bring feelings of joy as well as anxiety.  With over 3 years of low inventory and high demand it seems like a race to cross the real estate finish line first.

You will view lots of homes and should gain comfort in knowing your home does exist. A home purchase is your largest investment and should never be taken lightly.

You may be one of the fortunate who tour a handful of houses, make an offer, get acceptance, have a flawless inspection, great appraisal and close on time.

However, there are far more, presently, that need to view more homes.  The results can vary from getting caught up in multiple offers, having issues arise in their inspections or having delay of closings for a variety of reasons including home sale contingencies.  

It doesn't make the process impossible and it definitely should be a journey worth taking to enjoy homeownership.

As a former 12-year renter, I thought it was as good as it gets with manageable expectations.  A set monthly budget with repairs addressed by a landlord.  However, to learn that with 3 additional years and all those rental payments, I would have owned a home.  OWNED A HOME.  That was very surreal and I set about to make it a reality.

You may have chosen a career path, excelled in education or driven your dream car, however, fulfillment of homeownership can be your crowning achievement in a sea of other life milestones.Surround yourself with professionals to include a real estate professional, lender, title, insurance, home inspector, mover, etc. who will help you and support you through every step of the process.  

Looking to buy or sell a house in the Northern Kentucky area?  Call upon our team of real estate professionals today! 

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