High Demand but Low Inventory

HIGH DEMAND but low inventory!

Where have all of the good homes gone?  Buyers are desperately searching for their dream homes but find little to get excited about these days.  For over 3 years we have had a low inventory of available homes.  Prior to that the market was still recovering from the crash and abundance of foreclosed properties.

Sellers are looking at rehabbing their homes and staying put or contemplating the sale of their home with nowhere to go upon its sale.  It is neither an easy decision or in many cases even a plausible solution.  What can be done?  Despite threats of mortgage interest rate increases, there are still the same reasons to explore home ownership.  The rates beginning to tick up even at just a half a percentage is still nowhere close to the double digits experienced in our past.  In fact, economist argue that it is time to get us back to where we need to be and such increases are not only needed by healthy.

If you considered selling your home in the past 3 years, reconsider whether now is a good time to sell.  No we are not urging everyone to sell their home but to educate and prepare those that with fewer competitors you may have an advantage of selling now.  Buyers are constantly looking for homes with or without recent incentives such as the $10,000 program that benefited buyers in Kenton County.

This program was fully vetted but there are still other programs such as KHC, First Look, Welcome Home Grants, Covington Grants, etc. that wish to attract and assist buyers in the purchase of their new home.  Thinking of diving into the real estate market?  Give our team a chance to make your dreams become a reality!  Home…is Where Our Story Begins!

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