Giving Thanks


This time of year is very surreal.  There is a lot of fanfare surrounding a day dedicated to giving thanks and counting our blessings.

Ironically before the clock will strike midnight another tradition arises in the form of thousands of people having retail therapy.

Some are looking for the designated must have toy of the year, discounts that are believed to never be seen again or simply thrive in the hunt.

The idea of Advertising of a limited quantity item that brings out droves of people typically in a peaceful setting is beyond comprehension.

You see the housing market is approaching 5 year inventory lows.  Despite high demand, buyers struggle to find homes.

Correlogically they pour over listings daily, searching for the one.  The one that has all of the amenities and priced too good to be true.  They sense they will be able to bargain.  Surely they can win the battle of negotiations as, well there is only one house.

Sadly, others are aware of the same find and decide they too wish to stake a claim.  This leads into multiple showings and may even end in multiple offers.  Who will prevail?  The Buyer with proof of funds or a strong pre approval letter and fewer contingencies will lead the race.

You see there is not coupon cutting, pouring over circulars, long lines or divide and conquer strategy. There is just good timing, desired home and qualified Buyer.

Don’t get me wrong, in this climate it is great to have the well positioned listing!

Before you decide to enter the race, whether buyer or seller, I urge you to have a counseling session with a member of our team.

Success is well planned, executed action to achieve a desired result.

We are thankful for you and your business.

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