Do I need to get a Home Inspection?



Congrats your offer has been accepted on a new house, now what?  The next logical step is to have a whole house, termite & radon inspection.

I am not promoting any one company or service.  However, it is important to disprove the myths.  You should know that the truth is as follows:

  1. A one year warranty does not take the place of a full inspection
    1. This is for the house however in order to complete a claim; Warranty companies much like a physician are likely looking for pre-existing issues.  Often these are not covered.
  2. Defects listed or not listed on the Property Disclosure Form does not always protect you
    1. Seller is only responsible for the time in which they owned the property and therefore it may not reflect deficiency items from a previous owner.
  3. The cost of a home inspection is always worth the effort
    1. Would you rather pay on average $500 for an inspection or buy a house for any value and begin to make payments when a major and costly issue arises?
  4. There are many instances when the whole house inspection is relatively good, however one failed to order Wood Destroying Insects test and it is discovered to not only have a past or current infestation but there is also significant structural concerns.
  5. Inspectors are not the enemy.  They are commissioned to inspect properties and share their findings and provide any recommendations for deficiencies that are outside of their knowledge identified during their inspection.

Home Inspections can reveal both good and bad aspects of a property.  The peace of mind earned can far outweigh the initial cost. 

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