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Dee's Treehouse is her personal blog that is rooted in real estate, of course. However, it also has many branches that can include a potpourri of topics, which at times, can venture into the world of whimsy and beyond.  

8 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Market

SPRING INTO ACTION HOME MAINTENANCE TO DO TODAY! Spring Into Action: Home Maintenance to Do Today Spring is in the air, and so is the pollen. However, even if you sniff and sneeze every time you step outside, it’s the perfect time to knock a few projects off your spring to-do list. Doing your outdoor chores now will save you from working in the oppressive heat of summer. Keep reading […]

8 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Market

8 SIMPLE WAYS TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR THE MARKET 8 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Market If you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to make preparations before the sign is in the yard. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to showcase the best features of your property. Keep reading for more information. 1. Clean from top to bottom. One of the biggest mistakes you can make […]

How to DIY Your Home With Style

HOW TO DIY YOUR HOME WITH STYLE  How to DIY Your Home With Style  As a homeowner, you’ve probably thought about making upgrades at some point. Your home might be great ‘as is,’ but it doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements for functionality, luxury, cleanliness, buyer appeal or to simply make it more modern. Whatever your reason, you can tackle home improvement projects the DIY way or with contractors.  You’ll have […]

A Guide to Making a Comfortable Home for a Person with a Visual Impairment

A Guide to Making a Comfortable Home for a Person with a Visual Impairment One of the best things you can do for a person with a visual impairment is ensure his comfort at home. People who are able to be more confident and independent at home experience more comfort, so making some modifications to foster confidence and independence is key. Most are relatively simple and inexpensive, but if you […]

Military Families – We Thank You

Military Families - We Thank You We recently had a long Memorial Day weekend.  This holiday means different things for different walks of life.For our Veterans it is a day to reflect on time served, brothers and sisters lost and returning home somehow changed.  Not a stigma but a badge of honor for most with highest price was paid.Still our Veterans who returned to a different place in most cases […]

Four Game-Changing Tips for Preparing a Successful Open House

Four Game-Changing Tips for Preparing a Successful Open House by Guest Blogger, Seth Murphy Selling a home can be a stressful process. Between setting up a stellar listing online, undergoing inspections, and keeping the space clean and inviting, there are a lot of balls that need to be in the air at the same time. For many juggling homeowners, the open house marks a golden opportunity to attract many potential buyers […]

Planning Projects to Boost Home Resale Value

PLANNING PROJECTS TO BOOST HOME RESALE VALUE Your house is more than a home; it’s also an investment. In addition to being a place where memories are made, your home is also a place where you can establish a financial trajectory for your future. Whether planning to stay in a current residence for 5, 10, or 20 years, homeowners should always have an idea of how the changes they make […]

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution What is a New Year’s Resolution?  It has been defined as a double edge sword.  It is practiced by millions and is the time to change an undesired behavior such as quitting smoking or dropping unwanted pounds.  The positive side is to accomplish a goal or improve one’s way of life.  Hence using the previous example, one should be able to accomplish both through execution of the […]

Giving Thanks

GIVING THANKS This time of year is very surreal.  There is a lot of fanfare surrounding a day dedicated to giving thanks and counting our blessings. Ironically before the clock will strike midnight another tradition arises in the form of thousands of people having retail therapy. Some are looking for the designated must have toy of the year, discounts that are believed to never be seen again or simply thrive […]

Building Your Dream Home

BUILDING YOUR DREAM HOME From a young age we are exposed to all things home from doll houses to tree houses.  We set up in our mind what our dream homes will look like.  Whether we see a pool in the living room or a sports center in the basement the sky is thought to be the limits. With so much imagination it's only natural to want to be as […]

Take the Fright Out of Home Inspections

TAKE THE FRIGHT OUT OF HOME INSPECTIONS You've found the perfect home and now are considering a home inspection.  It's important to understand that all homes should have an inspection.  However, it is ultimately up to the Buyer to conduct these inspections. There are many myths regarding inspections.  No two inspectors nor firms are alike.  Couple that with human error and an inspection is a sound investment and is one […]

Heartland Realty Group’s Customer Appreciation Picnic

HRG's CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PICNIC Heartland Realty Group LLC, Florence, KY celebrates 1 year Anniversary with a customer, friends and family picnic on Saturday, July 29th.  A lot of hours went into the execution and honestly, I was more nervous than any other venture in my life.  Why?  I had fallen into the trap that so many in my industry fall into of learning and perfecting your craft and getting deals […]

Considering an Older Home

Considering An Older Home? We have enjoyed "flipping" or "rehabbing" shows for many years.  It is the fiber of the real estate market to take something old and make it new again.  The stories that are hidden sometimes literally in the very walls.  The history that surrounds a home and the magnificent craftsmanship to bring so many of these to life. There is obviously something to be said of a good […]

Change is Good

Change is good... except when financing a house Buying a home is an exciting time! You may have received a promotion, just graduated from school, just gotten engaged, married, divorced, increased or decreased your household size or decided to move across the country. No matter your reasons, the excitement and anxiety, anticipation and plans are all building in your mind. There are some costly ideas that could turn your reality […]

High Demand but Low Inventory

HIGH DEMAND but low inventory! Where have all of the good homes gone?  Buyers are desperately searching for their dream homes but find little to get excited about these days.  For over 3 years we have had a low inventory of available homes.  Prior to that the market was still recovering from the crash and abundance of foreclosed properties. Sellers are looking at rehabbing their homes and staying put or contemplating […]

Homeownership Matters

HOME BUYING SEARCH UPS & DOWNS   Photo by Drew Coffman Searching for your new home can bring feelings of joy as well as anxiety.  With over 3 years of low inventory and high demand it seems like a race to cross the real estate finish line first. You will view lots of homes and should gain comfort in knowing your home does exist. A home purchase is your largest investment and […]

Homeownership Matters

HOMEOWNERSHIP MATTERS!   Photo by Scott Webb As a homeowner there are a lot of things to consider with your new purchase.  Movers, appliances, paint colors, furniture placement, utility bills, upkeep of interior and exterior to include lawn care, etc. However, one of the items that we sometimes fail to consider is what happens behind the scenes.  Taxation for instance, how will that affect your future payments and your escrow […]

Little Nuts Extremely Harmful

LITTLE NUTS... EXTREMELY HARMFUL!   Photo by Mira Bozhko We are all a little nuts but did you know that they could be extremely harmful.  As Kroger recalls pies, it makes us reflect on what we use daily.  As a person without a nut allergy, I would never consider the harmful effects of exposure. However, I do know that exposure to one house years ago that I had a reaction […]

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