Heartland Realty Group’s Customer Appreciation Picnic


Heartland Realty Group LLC, Florence, KY celebrates 1 year Anniversary with a customer, friends and family picnic on Saturday, July 29th.  A lot of hours went into the execution and honestly, I was more nervous than any other venture in my life.  Why?  I had fallen into the trap that so many in my industry fall into of learning and perfecting your craft and getting deals done and promising to keep in touch.  The problem was that in more cases than I cared to remember, I had not kept in touch.

I equated it to your close high school or college friends.  You spend a considerable amount of time together.  You grow a friendship that seems will stand the test of time.  You graduate and begin to go in separate ways but always with the promise of we will keep in touch, hang out, attend each other’s events and never lose what we have right NOW.  But alas, you get together less, the calls become less frequent and because you have been away from each other for so long you even wonder what you would have in common at this moment in time.  So, you let it fall, until you attend a reunion.  You feel a bit awkward or like me terrified until you see that familiar face with a little more age and wisdom and you smile and are thrown right back into the time you ditched class to go to the beach, true story or the way you felt when your team won the championship game and the town came together like one big extended family or the heartache of your first love.  You begin to talk and pieces of your lives are very different but so many more are similar to include marriage, children, grandchildren, travels, highs and lows and suddenly time gets swept away and what drove you apart no longer matters but where you are right NOW is that you exchange information and renew a different but similar relationship.

Once the familiar faces started to turn up and smiles, handshakes and hugs were flowing and words like “we should get together” or “you should come over” and “did you see photos of the house, kids or grandkids” and in many cases, you realized you became friends on social media and so you had not missed as much as you think, a sense of familiar, relief and new beginnings evolves.

I tell this story because who I was in the first half of my career was so driven that I forgot to just stop, listen to the rain and dance among the raindrops.  I used to do that as a kid so definitely another true story.  Now in phase two, it is very important to connect, reconnect and stay connected.  Not because of the hopes of a future sale as that is simply a byproduct and honestly you must work to remind them and yourself of the experience that brought you together in the first place.  However, and even more importantly is the knowledge that our industry would be nothing without the PEOPLE!

Special thank you to over 500 clients that I have helped over my career to date and to hopefully the next 500 that I want to help, be a resource for and build lasting relationships for our generation and the next!

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