Considering an Older Home

Considering An Older Home?

We have enjoyed "flipping" or "rehabbing" shows for many years.  It is the fiber of the real estate market to take something old and make it new again.  The stories that are hidden sometimes literally in the very walls.  The history that surrounds a home and the magnificent craftsmanship to bring so many of these to life.

There is obviously something to be said of a good ranch or two story.  However if you were to uncover a true Craftsman, Bungalow or Victorian, what a treasure you would have found.

In our region these are rare gems.  Most fear homes of this age but should relish in their complexities to withstand the test of time and original materials that made them grand in the first place.

So, I challenge you to find the home of your dreams.  Perhaps it is a fixer upper but it is also an opportunity to restore and put your own unique stamp on it.

There are lots of buzz words today for the simple fact that one may mix new and old styles.  To fully restore to original in an older home, one would need the financial means.  

What is most important to a homeowner is the architecture and keeping to the original character.  If you were to add some period elements such as dental molding, chair rails, classic subway tiles, large fireplace mantle, farmhouse sink or exposed original hardwood floors, you could be onto something great.

Rehabbing and bringing a home back to life takes research and skilled labor.  DIY projects are good as warranted like using reclaimed wood, reglazing original windows or even using older timber to make a barn door accent.

The internet is a treasure trove of ideas and yard sale and estate finds.  Pinterest can open up the flood gates of ideas and most importantly has likely already crossed the mind and hearts of someone else so why reinvent the wheel?  Remember it's the details that count and the memories you make within so let our team help you on your journey.

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